Weekend SweetSpot – County Down – Where the mountains meet the sea

Planning a quick getaway? To help you make the most of your outdoor leisure time, weathertrending picks out the Weekend SweetSpot – an area of the UK that we think looks one of the better placed, weather-wise, for the upcoming weekend.

After such a mild October so far, chillier winds from the north will bring a fresher feel through this weekend. But the brunt of this colder outbreak will be to the east. Places further west across the UK will notice a softer temperature drop and will benefit from most of the clearer, sunnier weather.

Tucked away in the most sheltered corner of Northern Ireland, County Down will be in ‘Position A’ to show off its wares. And what wares it has to boast! If it’s a blend of unspoilt tranquility and stimulating variety you’re seeking, then look no further.

Towering above the Irish Sea and the whole of Ulster, the clean air and stunning beauty of the Mourne Mountains entice adventurers and relaxation seekers alike. Here, amidst the peaks,lakes and wildlife, C.S. Lewis was inspired to write Narnia.

After a morning spa session, take in a round of golf or ride along the many designated cycle trails. Then descend to the coast and you’ll be rewarded by the quaintness of the fishing villages that nestle within the sheltered coves.

To round things off, clock in for a seafood supper, looking out over Strangford Lough.

The weekend may start with a fleeting shower, but you’ll be unlucky to need a waterproof. At least 90% of the weekend will be dry. The fresh breeze will break the cloud up to reveal increasing amounts of crisp sunshine. Nights will turn chilly – so take a layer or two as you stand and stare at the starry skies.

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