What to cook – when wintry weather takes hold (and you can’t get to the Alps)


Blimey, it’s cold. I mean, freezing. Literally. But then of course we are at the top of an Austrian Alp as I write this. The weathertrending team has travelled to Obergurgl for a weather presenter conference, and in search of John’s longed-for snow. The irony of course is that as we took off (eventually; we were delayed by fog), frigid air was again seeping towards the UK, the promised cold-snap finally arriving just as we jetted away.

But the good news is that our trip has put me in the mood for an Alpine-themed weekend menu, apt for the UK as we knock on the door of the festive season, with its twinkly lights and planning and preparation and the frosts (and even, dare I say it, snow) settle into Britain.

Because we’re busy filming at the top of the mountain, I can’t bring you the usual step-by-step guide to how it will all work, but my suggested menu is below. The one pointer I will give you is that the delicious Germknodel needs time, for the plum jam that goes in the centre and the proving for the dough… so get on with it early in the day on Sunday, ready to serve after dinner in the late afternoon as the sun sets and the sherry is poured. It’s totally worth your time and effort.

I’ll be back at home by Saturday, just in time to bring the tastes of the Alps to my own kitchen…

Frosty start, wintry showers north and west, highs of 4 – 8 Celsius.

Lunch: French Onion Soup
Dinner: Raclette (if available, Cheese Fondue if not), Chocolate Fondue

Widespread frost, fewer showers, bright and sunny to the east, becoming cloudier from the west. Highs 4-8 Celsius.

Brunch: Rosti with eggs
Supper: Carbonnade of beef, Germknodel

The recipes:

French Onion Soup

Italian Carbonnade

Perfect Potato Rosti


Traditional Raclette