Weekend SweetSpot – Lincolnshire Wolds – Away from the festive frenzy

Planning a quick getaway? To help you make the most of your outdoor leisure time, weathertrending picks out the Weekend SweetSpot Рan area of the UK that we think looks one of the better placed, weather-wise, for the upcoming weekend.

Is the pre-Christmas rush all getting too much for you? If so, you may yearn for a couple of days away from the hullabaloo to recharge the batteries. Why not escape the town, breathe in some fresh air and still find time to seek out a gift or two for loved ones?

The Lincolnshire Wolds offers the best of all worlds. This small region of rolling hills, standing out from an otherwise flat county, is rightly designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Often overlooked in comparison with other scenic areas of the country, its unspoilt charm is still a secret to many.

Roam the hills on foot or on horseback, enjoying wide vistas of the Lincolnshire plain below. Then wander into one of the many small market towns, such as Spilsby, Louth, Horncastle or Market Rasen.

You won’t be missing the madness of Oxford Street as you potter around the small shops and boutiques for a bit of impromptu Christmas shopping.

The weather will be suitably chilly, with a keen breeze for a time. But there’s plenty of fine and crisp weather to look forward to, and most of the rain clouds should hold off too.

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