John Hammond’s Month Ahead – Umbrella or Parasol?

John gives us his latest thoughts on likely weather trends on the horizon over the next few weeks. To ensure you are reading the very latest weekly blog, check out Wow and Why

The rollercoaster continues. Last week I was in shorts, but this week I’ve got my jumper back on again. The jet stream has re-introduced some fresher winds from the Atlantic and, with it, some rain. But for how long?  I remain confident of the jet stream being deflected away from our shores again before too long, allowing things to settle down again.  But with so many outdoor events dependent on dry weather in the next few weeks, the question is “when”? The stakes are high – no more so than next weekend, when a certain wedding takes place!  



Nobody likes soggy confetti

After a cool and, occasionally wet, weekend, the new week starts with some lingering showers to ‘get rid of’. But by Tuesday many places will be dry, as a ridge of high pressure eases across the UK. Further Atlantic fronts will be approaching and, by midweek, another period of rain is expected, especially across the more northwestern parts of the UK. This will swiftly be followed by another damp dose towards the end of the week. All the while, southern and eastern parts of the UK will enjoy plenty of dry, ‘useable’, if coolish, weather. Expect temperatures in the teens rather than the twenties.

By the weekend the threat of showers will have extended to all parts. So a shower or two at Windsor cannot be ruled out. However I am not expecting a washout at the Royal Wedding. It wouldn’t dare – would it?!



Blooming lovely

I spy a change. It looks like the jet stream will divert its attention away from the UK again, allowing higher pressure to build across us. In all honesty, the timing of this change is still VERY uncertain. And whether this improvement comes from the south or the north is another one to ponder. But I expect a slow trend towards drier and warmer weather through the week. With the Chelsea Flower Show starting, this will be great news for visitors, but the blooms will need some watering. I’d be surprised if many places aren’t comfortably bouncing back into the 20s by the end of the week.

So for opera fans at Glyndebourne, I bring you the promise of some balmy evenings to come, aided by a glass or two of something cool, perhaps.



A refreshing mix

The next question is, of course, “How long will the fine weather last?” Can we expect a Whitsun repeat of the bumper May Day Bank Holiday heat? Well, I’d be a fool to stick my neck that far out. But I do expect high pressure to hold sway into the earliest days of June, ensuring plenty of fine early summer sunshine to enjoy.

With time, the jet stream will probably begin to burst the bubble – bringing fresher, showery weather from the west. It often does through early June. So for those heading to the Hay Book Festival, a layer or two of something waterproof might be advisable.

But in all honesty, I see nothing too inclement on the horizon. All in all, the summer looks like starting on a refreshingly normal note. Some rain, some shine. Something for everyone – just how we like it?