Weekend SweetSpot – Somerset – Away from the hubbub!

Planning a quick getaway? To help you make the most of your outdoor leisure time, weathertrending picks out the Weekend SweetSpot – an area of the UK that we think looks one of the better placed, weather-wise, for the upcoming weekend. This time we head to Somerset.

With a Royal Wedding and an FA Cup Final in the mix, for some it’s going to be a busy weekend for one reason or another!

Exciting stuff! But do you want to escape the melee? Anywhere but Windsor? Well, there’s a little piece of England that will provide you with a peaceful, pastoral charm all of its own.

Somerset offers a rich variety of sights and activities. There’s more to it than cheddar cheese and cider. You will be astonished at the variety of landscape, architecture and culture to be found. From coastal cliffs to moorland; from cityscapes to village greens and from arts festivals to agricultural shows – Somerset really does have it all.

Culturally, the county is almost overloaded with heritage. With its Roman Spa, Regency streets and formidable architecture, Bath has been welcoming millions of visitors for over 2000 years.

By contrast, if you head to Wells, you’ll be welcomed into the smallest city in England. Despite its quaintness, the grandeur of the cathedral will take your breath away.

A short distance away, you can climb the iconic Tor at Glastonbury. Gazing over the green vista, the Arthurian echoes will whisper their secrets through the breeze. But across the plain, a distant hillier horizon extends from the rugged Quantocks in the west to the honeycombed Mendips in the east.

The winding route through Cheddar Gorge may last just a few miles, but you will travel through geological timescales, and perhaps pick up a rare fossil while you’re at it!

And with such a fine weekend in prospect, why not finish off your weekend at the seaside with a paddle and an ice cream – gazing out across the Bristol Channel to South Wales.

The weather will be dry and warm with comfortable temperatures and light winds. Nights will be cool enough for an extra layer or two. But most importantly, it should stay dry. Enjoy!

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