John Hammond’s Month Ahead – Summer weather’s coming. Be prepared!

John gives us his latest thoughts on likely weather trends on the horizon over the next few weeks. 

You can’t please all of the people all of the time – not in this game! For some, it’s been a relentlessly grey and chilly week, while for others, there’s been plenty of warm sunshine. Those looking forward to holidays are hoping that things will hot up further. At the same time, I’m already being told by farmers and gardeners that some rain is needed. So wish me luck as we head into summer!


Variety. Too much or not enough?

Warmth and wetness are both on the menu for the week ahead. Many northern parts of the UK will start the week with sunshine. But if you live near the North Sea coast, expect a disappointingly grey and cool Bank Holiday. Meanwhile pulses of humid air from southern Europe and the Mediterranean will send thunderstorms our way through the week. It could be a noisy end to the month. Indeed these localised downpours may well give too much rain for some.

A trend through the week will be for these wetter conditions to become more widespread, which should please some gardeners. Not such good news for holidaymakers, perhaps! As we scurry indoors, it’ll be ideal weather to curl up and read a book, perhaps – especially if you’re off to the Hay Festival.

Another trend by the weekend will be for Atlantic winds to begin to replace the humid Continental feed. So after a very warm start to the week for some, the early days of June will usher in some fresher air for most.

…it’s worth remembering the strength of those rays



Flaming June – well maybe not quite

After a dose of rain to start the month, the trend through this week looks drier again. But the cooling trend may well continue as winds from the north begin to dominate. Nights in particular will be chilly. But given light winds and the strength of the abundant June sunshine, it will feel warm. And with so many outdoor events in full swing, it’s worth remembering the strength of those rays, and the need to protect the skin. Watch our Facebook Live QuickChat here and read Sara’s great blog, highlighting some common misconceptions about uv and the importance of covering up.

Some weak weather fronts may bring rain to some northwestern areas. But on balance there should be a lot of dry and fine weather, especially across central and southern parts of the UK. Great news for Glyndebourne, which continues through this week.



Reigning in expectations

We’re approaching high summer and the outdoor events season cranks up a notch further. The Tennis at Queen’s Club and Royal Ascot are just two of the many pursuits that will be very dependent on the weather.

Will high pressure continue to keep the fine weather going, I hear you ask? Well if you believe the long range forecasts coming from some reputable forecasting centres, you’ll have high hopes. Indeed, some brave assertions are being made that much of the summer will be significantly warmer, drier and sunnier than normal.

If only we were that clever. Thirty years of experience suggest to me we should be more cautious. Through this middle part of June, I suggest that high pressure will yield somewhat, allowing summer showers to become rather more widespread. But these will continue to be focussed closest to the jet stream to our northwest. There are no clear signs of a return to particularly hot weather.

So some rain and some shine. Typical summer weather in fact. Enough to please all of the people all of the time? I think we know the answer to that…


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