John Hammond’s Month Ahead – Will June shimmer or shiver?

John gives us his latest thoughts on likely weather trends on the horizon over the next few weeks. 

So you’ve survived half-term! It’s not that we don’t cherish our offspring. But, up and down the country, so many attempts to occupy the children may have been scuppered by the weather that for some weary parents, perhaps Monday hasn’t come quickly enough!  Not that it’s been wet everywhere. Some parts of the UK have had a stunning week. And ironically, the weather looks likes settling down more widely just as the “Back to School” bell rings! But for how long? There are signs of more change as we go further through June.


Summer kick starts with sunshine

We’re finally shrugging off the thunderstorms, and the week looks dry for much of the time. As temperatures rise, there’s a chance of scattered showers, but high pressure should fend off most rain-bearing weather fronts, ensuring fine days for the vast majority. It’s been fabulous across northwestern parts of the UK through most of late spring; and if you have time off this week, then Highland Scotland will again be a great place to be. In contrast, eastern coasts have been plagued by a chilly onshore wind for weeks now. And I’m afraid that here, we may have to put up with more of the same for one more cool week. Patience is a virtue!

In general though, the week’s weather should agree with most of us. Good news if you’re off for a spot of opera at Glyyndebourne.

By the weekend, however, there are indications of a significant shift in the jet stream. After being held at bay for weeks, Atlantic fronts will begin to approach some western parts of the UK.

Let’s hope the druids see a clear sunrise at Stonehenge on the Solstice



Change on the western horizon

Now it’s worth saying that computer models have been attempting to bring fronts in from the Atlantic for a while now, only to be proved premature. So we still have to be a little cautious. However, there is increasing agreement now that fronts will begin to spread cooler and wetter weather in from the west.

This will mark quite a change compared with recent weeks. For some time now, western areas of UK have enjoyed some of the driest and warmest weather, while the east coasts have often been plagued by cool and misty conditions. But as the wind turns around, so will the weather – back to something more akin with the long-term norm.

So, while eastern coasts improve, most of us will have a cooler, breezier week with some rain, especially across the more northwestern parts of the UK.



Midsummer? Astronomically, yes. Meteorologically… maybe not

So how long will this shift in the weather last? Current indications are that while things may begin to dry up again, the cooler Atlantic influence may continue through the rest of June.

Let’s hope the druids see a clear sunrise at Stonehenge on the solstice. And for later risers, the Tennis at Queen’s Club and Royal Ascot are just two of the many pursuits that will be very dependent on the weather.

These events may benefit form their geographical location. While I expect northwestern areas to continue to see most of any rain that falls, the southeast will be drier and somewhat warmer.

Wimbledon’s on the way. So will July serve up another change? There’s a lot of heat stored up over Continental Europe now. It wouldn’t take much of a change in wind direction to send the mercury soaring again.


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