Teaming up with Kuoni: Why planning your holiday needs our input!

One of the major questions we get asked is: “what will the weather be like on our holiday?”. The problem is, normally you’re planning big holidays months in advance and there’s no way to predict the exact weather for your week in paradise.

Luckily, we do have access to detailed climate data, and that helps us to see what range of temperature, rainfall and sunshine amounts you’d normally expect to get at any given time, based on decades of weather observations. Off to a tropical island? There’s a “wet season” to think about. Always wanted to see St Petersburg? I’m guessing trudging through Siberian snow is not high on your tourist to-do checklist.

So we’ve teamed up with Kuoni to combine our expertise with their beautiful destinations and help travellers decide when’s the best time to go. Below is our first video, all about The Maldives. All you have to think about now is what to pack and which cocktail to order first!