Weather365: 1. Welcome!

Welcome to day 1 of Weather365 – a year of weather facts and know-how! Each week will have a theme starting with some basic meteorology and building on it through the days. The weather affects everyone – learn more about it here!
Sara and John

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    1. Thanks so much John! It’s brilliant to hear from someone who’s enjoying our content. We’ve also just announced a Facebook Live on Friday (Jan 15th) at 5pm, which you might be interested in – we try to answer as many questions as possible – hope to see you there!

  1. Hello. Your Weather 365 looks extremely interesting, but the daily videos are (understandably) very short. Is it possible to see/make available a week/fortnight/months worth available in one go?

    It must be a huge effort to do this anyway – so many congratulations for doing this


    1. Hi Robert! Thanks so much for the positive feedback and the request. Every week is themed around a particular topic, so we definitely plan to release an overview of the week video every Sunday during Weather365. Hope that helps!

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