Meet Us

Promo twoshotThe weather  – it impacts all of us every day through its beauty, its power and yes, sometimes, its plain old inconvenience. There’s a reason why weather’s our favourite conversation.

Yet conventional weather reports are stuck in the past – and can be impenetrable in their style, their format and their jargon.

Now, with insight beyond the isobars, we here at weathertrending are aiming to bring weather broadcasting back in from the cold – making it relevant to modern life with a warmer  language that we can all understand across social media and blogging platforms.

Every weekday, we’ll upload video and audio QuickCasts and app checks to help with your life. Yes – we’ll tell you when your apps are more, as well as less, reliable as that outdoor concert looms.

Planning a hotel getaway? Having a wardrobe crisis for the morning? Or maybe you need to know whether to go with salad or soup for the family lunch this weekend?

And just think how many other lifestyle decisions – our comfort, our business, our leisure time – are affected by the range of weather elements that bombard our senses every day. Oh, and sometimes there’s time to just look in awe at the sheer beauty of the skies. Wow and why?!

With our, ahem, over 40 years of combined experience in meteorology and weather journalism – we’ll bring meaning to the elements shaping our lives.

Meet John:

“I didn’t so much choose weather as a career – I was a helpless victim of its wonder. Just ask any of my family – I was taken at an early age.

My upbringing may have been a factor. Most of my extended family were farmers and I spent most of my childhood in the great outdoors – invariably gazing in awe at the sky, looking out for the next change in the weather.

Little did I know as a youngster how complicated a science it is – full of maths and physics – with some of the longest equations you’ll ever have the misfortune to tangle with.

After graduating with a Masters in Meteorology, employment in the Met Office brought such diverse experience as forecasting for RAF pilots, advising local authorities on road gritting operations and being an expert witness at weather-related court cases.

More recently. what a privilege it’s been then to be at the forefront of communicating weather on TV and radio for more than two decades – on ITV and BBC. I’ve been fortunate to become a familiar face and voice on BBC News, Countryfile and BBC Horizon.

Thousands of broadcasts to millions of people; and what have I learnt from a career in weather broadcasting? That the isobars, warm fronts and cold fronts of traditional forecasts are all very well. But do they bring the wonder of the weather to life? And perhaps even more importantly; in our sophisticated, multimedia lifestyles, can we better explain the impact of everyday weather in a way that helps busy people make clear choices? The answer is ‘Yes!’ Hence weathertrending…

My outdoor hobbies including walking, running and the odd game of cricket and tennis. I also enjoy landscape (and skyscape) painting. I’m partial to an occasional strum on the guitar too –  admittedly not as well as my rock heroes – Status Quo. But that’s another story.”


Meet Sara:

“My parents say I was ten when I came home and announced that I wanted to be television journalist.

They thought I’d outgrow what seemed to them to be an impossible dream.

But I never thought about anything else. I spent summer holidays cluttering up newsrooms, making the teas and trying to learn to write.

I did the almost mandatory stint at hospital radio when I was 18. Then after university, armed with an English degree and a Post-Grad in Broadcast Journalism I went to work for the BBC.

I had a great few years as a radio and tv reporter and then news presenter before moving to ITV Anglia as a news presenter.

But life has a funny way of remembering things. I had lived next-door to the local weatherman when I grew up in America and I always thought, “What a great job!”

At school we had spent a fascinating (to me!) year on weather; setting up a weather station, plotting fronts, writing our own forecasts – all in the days long before the internet.

So, all those years later while I was reading the news, I was secretly longing to move to meteorology, and after some pleading, my bosses agreed to let me give weather a go.

Nearly 20 years later, I’ve worked as a weather presenter for all the major UK broadcasters and for the Met Office. I’ve also been a senior producer and journalist and kept my news credentials up as a radio newsreader and presenter for the BBC.

And I love to sing, so I’ll be doing my best to annoy John as I croon along to the radio at weathertrending towers every day!”